Our Mission Statement




Our Beliefs

  • People with disabilities have the same rights as all other people but may need support to exercise those rights.
  • People with disabilities, regardless of the severity, belong in the community and should be supported there.
  • Supports should enable people with disabilities to become active, participating members of their community.
  • Supports should encourage and enhance the development of relationships between people with disabilities and other people.
  • Supports should encourage and enhance sources of natural support, including the family.
  • Supports should enable people with disabilities to make choices and assume control of their personal affairs.
  • Supports should assist people with disabilities achieve a positive and personally desirable future.
  • Supports should enhance the dignity and respect of the individual.

Our Services

Day Services
  • Supported Employment: Staff assist individuals in securing jobs that match their unique skills and aptitude, job coaching, and ongoing support as needed.
  • Community Based Day: Staff provide opportunities for individuals to explore the community by being involved in chosen activities that may result in meaningful relationships or paid employment.
  • Personal Assistance:Staff provide individual assistance with a variety of activities in the home and community for adults and children.

Residential Services

  • Supported Living: Staff supports one to three people living in their own home in the community.
  • Residential Habilitation: Staff supports people living in homes owned by the Agency.
  • Medical Residential: Nursing services are provided in addition to 24 hour per day staffing in specialized, accessible homes.
  • Family Based Residential Services: One or two individuals live with and receive support from a family in the family’s home.

Nursing Services

  • Nursing Services: Licensed nurses provide physician ordered services in the individual’s home or in the community.

Respite Services

  • Respite Services: Short term residential support is provided in the individual’s home or in agency owned homes.

Family Support Services

  • Family Support: Families with a member with a severe disability are supported according to the needs identified by the family. Services may include, but are not limited to, financial assistance, supplies, equipment, respite, and service coordination.

Early Intervention Services

  • Foundations Early Intervention: Services are provided in the home and community for infants and toddlers under age three who exhibit a delay or disability in speech, motor, cognitive, social or other skills, and for their families.

Mid-Cumberland Child Care Resource and Referral

  • Mid-Cumberland Child Care Resource and Referral: Provides resources to parents, child care professionals, and others who support quality childcare and development.





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