Newsletter September 2017

 It’s time for our Annual DSDC Picnic/ DSP Day! September Anniversaries Name Hired Years DONALD W REDDEN 9/15/1979 38 PETER BOGDAN 9/14/1987 30 KELLY MOLLENHOUR 9/18/1995 22 DEANNA STEPHENS 9/7/1999 18 MARY ANN THOMPSON 9/29/2000 17 MARTHA DOTSON 9/6/2001 16 BETTINA JONES 9/17/2002 15 JIM ORSBON 9/15/2003 14 BARBARA TIDWELL […]

Newsletter August 2017

Insurance—What you need to know. Death and Disability Insurance: Discussing death and disability hardly ranks as a favorite activity for most people. But failure to plan adequately for the financial consequences involved could mean unnecessary hardship for your loved ones and you. The easiest and most cost-effective way for most […]

DSDC Newsletter

DSDC now has a monthly newsletter! Our official release date will be on August 1st. The newsletter will be in a blog style responsive format for easy viewing on any device. The newsletter will contain short, easy to read sections about health, finance, changes within the agency and more! We […]