Job Postings

 Internal job postings

(for current employees only)

Applying for a position does not guarantee a position. Please contact the manager listed for the position you are interested in, the manager will then meet with the team to make a decision.  Employees must maintain a position for 6 months or more to be eligible for a transfer (unless moved by management or an individual within the home).  Any exceptions must be made by the Associate Executive Director. All applicants applying for a PA position, must use their own private automobile, which must also be able to pass a vehicle inspection. 

Autumn Way Thur. 7p-7a DSP Brenda Lory
Buckner Fri. Sat. 11p-7a DSP Brenda Lory
Rickert Fri 11p-7a, Sat 8p-7a DSP Brenda Lory
Charlotte Mon,Tue, Wed, Fri 3p-9p DSP Brenda Lory
Cottonwood Fri 11p-Sat 12p/ Sat 11p-Sun 12p DSP Barbara Brandon
Erin Mon. Tue. 10p-6a DSP Brenda Lory
Lightfoot Sat. Sun. 11p-7a DSP Brenda Lory
Personal Assistant Mon. 6a – 4p DSP/PA Richard Streck
Personal Assistant Ashland City Th 7:30a-7:30p, F 11:30a-7:30p, Sat-7:30a-3:30 Sun 7:30a-7:30p (40 Hours) DSP Cindy McLean
Scott St. Wed, Thur, Fri 8a-4p DSP Brenda Lory
Waverly Mon-Sun 11p-7a DSP Brenda Lory
109 Cardinal Mon-Thurs 3p-11p DSP Barbara Brandon
Lightfoot Sat-Sun 7a-8p DSP Brenda Lory
Waverly Mon-Fri 7a-3p Dsp Brenda Lory
Waverly Mon-Fri 3p-11p DSP Brenda Lory
Central High Thurs/Fri 11p-7a DSP Barbara Brandon
211 Parkway Sat. Sun. 7a-11p DSP Brenda Lory